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Bonus Post! Things I Hate / Things I Love

This is pretty much my ultimate guide to being my friend. If you can check off more things about yourself on the "hate" list than the "love" list, you might want to reconsider the time you spend on / with me. Feel free to ask for explanation / definitions of any of these.

Please note that these lists are works in progress and will be updated periodically.
[Last Update: 08 April 2009 at 19:03]

Things I HATE
1. “Spelunking”
2. Anime [and people that talk about it endlessly]
3. Beer
4. Being IMed when I’m invisible / away by someone I haven’t IMed [and isn’t one of my BFFs]
5. Being messy
6. Being stood up
7. Boys that play with Girls’ emotions
8. Boys that smell like girls
9. Cheating
10. Chocolate Cake or Ice Cream
11. Class between noon and three in the afternoon
12. Close-minded people
13. Costumes being worn outside of Halloween
14. Conservatives who are Conservative for the sake of hating Liberals
15. Cough Medicine
16. Debating with people who see no possible way they could ever be wrong
17. Debt
18. Desperation
19. Driving
20. Dumb girls
21. Egotistical people with nothing to back up their ego
22. Extensive emoing for no real reason
23. Expensive things
24. False commitments
25. Florida Southern College
26. Flying
27. Forgetting where I put something important
28. France and all things associated with it
29. Friends that ditch previously made plans for their significant other
30. Genre-Snobs
31. Girls that smell like men
32. Grape flavored foods
33. Irresponsible Adults
34. Jealous boyfriends
35. Liars
36. Liberals who are Liberal for the sake of hating Conservatives
37. LOL Cats
38. Love / Hate relationships
39. Michael Crichton
40. Orange candies
41. People reading my journal without asking
42. People that think spelling is optional
43. People who are clingy
44. People who change for the worse and think they’re the same person
45. People who refuse to change to fix their problems and then continue to whine about how much their life sucks
46. People who say their lives suck [especially when they don’t]
47. Poodles
48. Predictable books / movies
49. Religious Zealots
50. Salad Dressing
51. Slutty girls
52. Sub4Sub
53. Texas
54. The Atlantic Ocean and its way of getting between things
55. The middle of the afternoon
56. The spelling “moar” for the word “more”
57. The word “hecka”
58. Tomatoes
59. Tri-Colored Bibbed Overalls
60. Underage drinking
61. Unstable WiFi
62. When Sims2 crashes my computer
63. White Chocolate
64. Winter
65. Writers that have no grasp of the English Language

Things I LOVE
1. Accomplishment
2. Backstreet Boys
3. Beaches
4. Being in Love
5. Being surprised
6. BFFs
7. Big dogs
8. Boston
9. Boys with glasses
10. Cherry Coke
11. Coffee
12. Converse
13. Creativity
14. Cuddling with a boy, even platonically
15. Dancing to loud music while no one’s watching
16. Disney World
17. Feeling appreciated
18. Feeling independent
19. Feeling loved
20. Finishing reading a good book
21. Fluffy dogs
22. Free time
23. Getting to the end of the movie and realizing that you’ve been holding your breath / crying and hadn’t noticed
24. Goals
25. Holding hands
26. Hugs
27. Hurricanes
28. Inspiration in unexpected places
29. Intelligence
30. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
31. Laughing
32. Life
33. Live Concerts
34. Love
35. Maturity
36. Music
37. Nerdfighters
38. Nerds
39. Plaid Shorts
40. Pools
41. Punctuation
42. Responsible people
43. Roadtrips
44. Smelling Old Spice after boys shower
45. South America
46. Spain
47. Spanish
48. Spending nights under the stars
49. Staying busy
50. Strawberry ice cream
51. Summer
52. Sunshine
53. Swimming
54. The smell of Starbucks
55. The Trio of Awesome
56. Thunderstorms
57. Traveling
58. Walking in the rain
59. Warm beds on cold mornings
60. Writing “THE END” at something longer than 30,000 words
61. Writing academic papers
62. Young, motivated people
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